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Making farmers self-sufficient since 2012

Maruti foods was started by an entrepreneurial couple, Sandhya and Prashant. Producing 12 types of masala and masala mix, 18 types of pickles, sauce, ketchup, and other snacks like Badi, Papad, they created a food processing powerhouse. Maruti foods was awarded National Award for Best village industry in 2008 

Maruti foods realized there are many gaps in the current farming methods. For further skill development of farmers courses on food preservation, processing, mushroom cultivation, natural farming, vermicomposting, etc.

Maruti Foods Training Center was established with a vision of ensuring a better tomorrow for farmers, consumers, and the environment. Maruti Foods training centre Prakruti Mitra Award in 2019 

From 2012 as on date, MFTC has imparted training to more than 10000 farmers/Rural women / SHG members & Agri-entrepreneurs from 19 districts of Odisha

Skill Development Training

Maruti Foods Training Centre (MFTC) aims to bring change in the Agriculture sector in Odisha by creating Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs) through training, field exposure, and timely guidance. MFTC provides training on the below-listed courses

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Food processing, preservation, and value addition

As a sister concern of Maruti Foods, MFTC has conducted numerous trainings on preservation, processing and value addition of vegetable, fruits and other agricultural produce. 

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Integrated Farming Methods


MFTC provides training on Mushroom Spawn production, Mushroom production & Mushroom value addition 

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MFTC provides training on breeding of indigenous poultry species like Kadaknath & Banaraj.

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MFTC trains farmers on Natural Farming using methods of Regenrative Agriculture. Farmers are taught Beejamrut, Jeevamrut, Neemastra and other organic input production at MFTC. 

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Keeping in view the importance of A2 cow and the role of its milk as an important source of nutrients, MFTC trains farmers on indigenous cow led animal husbandry, A2 milk and milk products.

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Waste Management

MFTC advocates production of vermicompost, manures from organic waste generated at farm and home. Many trainess of MFTC are earning good supplementary income by recyling their waste

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MFTC believes that sustainability is a must. To ensure urban areas too contribute towards achieving sustainability in food production, MFTC has developed training modules on roof top gardening. 

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